Revamping Housing Policies for Public Servants: A Think Tank’s Recommendations

A Growing Need for Housing Solutions for Civil Servants In recent years, housing affordability and accessibility have become pressing concerns for public servants. The Sense of Public Service, a think tank established in 2021 by senior civil servants from various government sectors, recognizes the challenges faced by agents eager to modernize their administration while providing […]

Unlocking the Benefits of Pinel Scheme for Real Estate Investors

An Introduction to the Pinel Scheme The Pinel scheme is a unique and advantageous tax reduction opportunity designed to encourage individuals to invest in rental properties. Its purpose is to stimulate construction and rental investments in areas where housing demand outstrips supply. There are specific conditions and requirements that need to be met to take […]

Navigating the Challenging Landscape of Property Insurance Amid Climate Crisis

Surge in Natural Disasters and Insurers’ Reluctance The frequency and severity of natural disasters are on the rise, with many attributing this increase to the effects of climate change. As a result, property owners face mounting challenges when securing insurance coverage for their assets. For example, the mayor of L’Aiguillon-la-Presqu’île, Laurent Huger, has experienced difficulty […]

Rethinking Energy Performance Diagnosis: The Impact on Small Spaces and the Need for Accuracy

Energy performance diagnosis (DPE) has become an essential component of property evaluation, helping buyers get an insight into the efficiency of buildings. However, there are concerns over the accuracy and fairness of DPE for small spaces. Joole, a company revolutionizing the way property diagnostics are conducted, highlights these issues and aims to create a more […]

Addressing the Energy Performance Diagnosis Dilemma for Small Housing Units

An Overview of the Energy Performance Diagnosis Issue In France, there has been an increasing concern regarding the energy performance diagnosis (EPD) and its potential impact on small housing units under 30 or 50 square meters. As part of the Climate Law of 2021, the French government aims to prohibit rentals labeled as G – […]

Need for Urgent Change and Simplification in French Construction Industry

French Building Federation voices concerns about future prospects As uncertainties continue to loom over the French construction industry, Olivier Salleron, President of the French Building Federation, made his concerns apparent during an appearance on BFM Business. His unfiltered remarks highlighted the growing frustrations among building professionals and called for drastic changes to policies affecting the […]

Paris Olympics 2024: Real Estate Projects under Security Measures

An Overview of Real Estate Development in the Île-de-France Region As preparations for the Paris Olympics in 2024 are underway, the Île-de-France region is undergoing major changes. These changes not only include improvements in infrastructure and transportation but also extensive real estate projects that may be impacted by security constraints during the mega-event. The projects […]

Navigating the New Energy Performance Regulations for Real Estate

A Changing Landscape for Property Owners The French real estate market is witnessing a significant transformation in energy performance regulations. The government has introduced numerous measures aimed at improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions. These changes impact property owners as they come into effect over the next few years. Key regulatory updates: July 2021: […]