Need for Urgent Change and Simplification in French Construction Industry

French Building Federation voices concerns about future prospects

As uncertainties continue to loom over the French construction industry, Olivier Salleron, President of the French Building Federation, made his concerns apparent during an appearance on BFM Business. His unfiltered remarks highlighted the growing frustrations among building professionals and called for drastic changes to policies affecting the sector.

Lack of Housing Minister adding fuel to the fire

An announcement of a Housing Minister was expected later in the day, however, it remains unclear how they will address the ongoing crisis. This lack of leadership has only served to compound the despair felt by the industry, as reflected in Salleron’s statements.

The countdown for averting disaster in energy renovation sector begins

Olivier Salleron points out the danger posed to the energy renovation sector, with major companies transitioning to France Travail beginning mid-2025. With energy renovations blocked for at least the next 3-6 months, Salleron feels that drastic efforts must be made to simplify this process and save French craftsmen from going out of business.

Hopes for renovation fall flat

Before the crisis, some industry experts had pinned their hopes on energy renovations saving or at least aiding the construction industry through difficult times. Unfortunately, as it stands now, these expectations remain unfulfilled.

Rising frustrations may lead to radical actions

Anger within the sector has reached such a boiling point that Olivier Salleron issued a warning about potential unrest in the French construction industry. His threat suggests that if nothing changes soon, cranes may leave construction sites for highways and roundabouts, forcing workers to take their grievances to the streets.

Time is running out

Salleron urged leaders to acknowledge the urgency of this situation and act quickly to protect both the construction industry and its workforce. With significant events like the Olympics in 2024 fast approaching, as well as Notre-Dame’s ongoing restoration works, there is no time to waste in finding workable solutions for France’s construction professionals.